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SWP - Socialist Workers Party
SWP - State Water Project
SWP - Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International Politics and Security)
SWP - Swap File (extension)
SWP - Shaun Wright Phillips (soccer player)
SWP - Single Wire Protocol
SWP - Systematic Withdrawal Plan
SWP - Software Package
SWP - South West Pacific (airlines)
SWP - State Water Plan
SWP - Swakopmund, Namibia (Airport Code)
SWP - Social Work Practice
SWP - South Wales Police (UK)
SWP - Socialist Worker Party (Australia; now DSP)
SWP - Sunwell Plateau (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SWP - Supreme White Power (a common racist tattoo)
SWP - Skill with Prizes
SWP - Strategic Workforce Planning
SWP - Safe Working Practices
SWP - Surface Water Protection
SWP - Special Work Permit
SWP - Safe Working Procedures
SWP - Safe Working Pressure
SWP - Swell Period
SWP - Small Grants for Wetlands Programme (IUCN)
SWP - Salvadorans with Pride (gang)
SWP - Somerset Waste Partnership (UK)
SWP - Sherwin Williams Paints
SWP - Single-Wafer Processing
SWP - Solid Waste Processing
SWP - Survey of Western Palestine
SWP - Steam Working Pressure
SWP - Shortest-Widest Path
SWP - South West Philly
SWP - Safety Work Permit
SWP - Stupid White People (band)
SWP - Suffolk Water Park (UK)
SWP - Science With Practice (education)
SWP - Social Work Policy
SWP - Standardization Work Plan
SWP - Special Working Party
SWP - Settling with Power (aviation)
SWP - Space, Weight and Power
SWP - Surface-Wave Propagation
SWP - Soviet Warsaw Pact
SWP - Shallow Well Pump
SWP - Sliding Window Processing
SWP - Shrink Wrapped Pallets
SWP - Single Wavelength Power
SWP - Society for Women in Plastics
SWP - Semi-orthogonal Wavelet Packet
SWP - Short Wavelength Primary/Prime (camera)
SWP - Sliding Windows Protocol
SWP - Start-Up Work Permit
SWP - Sugar Water Purple (band)
SWP - Surface Wave Pole
SWP - Surface Warfare Plan
SWP - Surface Water Pipe
SWP - Standard Work Practice
SWP - Striped Water Poets (Auburn, WA)
SWP - Small Wars Program (USMC)
SWP - Software Program (Includes Test Programs) (TMINS)
SWP - System Weight Penalty
SWP - Solo Wing Pixy (gaming, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War)
SWP - Sergeant Willie Pete (YouTube poster)
SWP - Self Weight Penetration (geomechanics)
SWP - Severe Weather Plan (various organizations)
SWP - Sex Workers Project (New York, NY)
SWP - Seafood Watch Program (various organizations)
SWP - Sector Working Paper
SWP - School Wellness Policy (health)
SWP - Softwood Plywood
SWP - Shropshire Waste Partnership (est. 2004; UK)
SWP - Soluble Wheat Protein
SWP - Solid Wood Panel
SWP - South West Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
SWP - Spirally Wound Pipe
SWP - Southern Wood Piedmont (Augusta, GA)
SWP - Student Wellness Program (various universities)
SWP - State Weekends Program (various locations)
SWP - Static Working Pressure

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